Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Who is Who?

Identity behind the Mysterious Figure

When French author Alxeandra David-Neel (24 October 1868 – 8 September 1969), first published her book "Magic and Mystery in Tibet" in 1932, awestruck mysterious figure performing Tibetan Chod catches glimpses of most Westerners.
  This mysterious figure was non other great Neljor Tenzin Wezer (1870-1950). Naljor Tenzin Wezer was also known  Gorzom Rimpoche as he used to live mostly at Kham Gorzom. He was born to royal blood of Derge, eastern Kham. He later gave up his princehood in pursuit of Dharma under Khenchen Tashi Oser, who was then one of students of first Jamgon Kongtrol  Lodro Thaye and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo the Great . Naljor Tenzin Weser lived as wandering Yogi moving from place to place at different locations around Himalayas. Later parts of his life he lived at Pemakoed(Arunachalpradesh,India) before resettling in eastern part of Bhutan towards end of his life and his students were all hidden yogis like him.
Again the above picture in highest resolution appeared where most people mistook him for Terton Pegyel Lingpa (1924 -1988) as his stories isn't publicized like other contemporary historical masters. There were more claimants of him being Terton Pegye Lingpa who was then only 8 years old when the first edition of book in English language got published in 1932. The first edition in French was published in 1929 which would suggest that he would be only 5 years old.

 People might wonder how authentic it may sound when i say that above picture is non other than Neljor Tenzin Wezer. It was later confirmed by the son of this great Neljor who is still alive. Further daughter of Terton Pegyel Lingpa too confirmed that she clearly remembers the story of the first wife or secret consort or sangyum (gsang yum) of the Tertön who identified him practicing in the hidden land of Pemakö, Southern Tibet that it is actually more likely the Great Accomplished Master Drubthob Tenzin Özer  himself. He was believed to have traveled extensively in the foothills of the eastern Himalayan region and later settled at Sakteng in Trashigang, Bhutan. The reason for that is clear as when the book got published  and reporting David-Neel's travels from the 1920s cannot depict the Tertön as he would be far too young; at the time of publishing her book "Magic and Mystery in Tibet" in 1932.

Of course both of them look so similar at first glance as they are both Khampas! Following is the picture of Terton Pegyal Lingpa.